• 07.03.2012Foundation of company.
    “AZ-translation centre” LLC was founded in 07.03.2012
  • 24.04.2012Officially registration date.
    Registered in Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic in 224.04.2012

Proper type of institution-special property, organizational legal form – Limited Liability Company. Institution is a legal entity and possesses independent balance, calculating, currency and other accounts, also, the Company seal, angular stamp and its recognizing sign.

Using from our long-term experience we provide qualified translation service. We provide high qualified, professional services by opening its eyes in XXI century. All type of translation services for multinational corporations, foreign and local, small institutions, also to individual clients are included to our activity. The company provides written, oral and synchronically translation service from the most usable languages of the world. High professional specialists on English, German, Russian, French, Spain, Italian, Japan, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Georgian, Hebrew, Korean, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Indian, Latvian, Moldavian, China, Japan languages and other languages work in this company.
More than 35 employees work in “Az-translation centre” LLC. Here are included translators working on state or on contract, redactors, correctors, computer professionals, office managers, operational managers, project manager, supply manager and etc. that have defined profession, knowing proficient of native language and foreign language.

Our priorities:
  • We only cooperate with professional translators possessing experience and specialized on the appropriate field of translation (professionals approved by the degree on linguistics).
  • We correct and edit exactly before sending all translated materials. Special consultants take place in translation process if required.
  • We work 12 hours a day. We may accept your orders in any time.
  • Our translators engaged in printing and formatting of documents professionally always. We cooperate with qualified operators and design specialists. If you need software program used for original design, you get exact translation appropriate to original format.
  • There is not any secret payment. These norms are final. We undertake typing, formatting of translation in computer, expenses of information holders (disc) and printing expenses.
Business Field
Translation Center can provide your communication requirements related to different cultures. Our translators not only professional on main languages, but also possess business, medical, legal, scientific and technological knowledge.
For example:
  • Medical: Clear and correct written translation of information brochures related to special diseases and health.
  • Law: Explanatory written instructions; high qualified translated client instructions and advertisement materials, translation and certification of birth and marriage certificates, identification cards, references.
  • Finance: Transferring of brochures and advertisement materials, web sites, copy of advisement, speech information, translation of PSA/ copy of advisement, instruction documentation and worker dailies.
  • Protocol: Translation services related to Programs, meeting notes, daily and other written contacts on route.
We carry out orders on translation of different documents indicated below:

We fulfill orders on the following translation of various documents.

Documentation and contracts of Bank Diplomas
Economy and trade Cards
Financial reports Certificates
Medical references Certificates
Legal contracts and agreements References
Auditory documents Energetics
Immigration documents Construction
Advertisement (promotion) materials Fashion
Tax reports Automobile
Agriculture Geology
Oil and gas Telecommunication
Chemistry industry Information booklets
Machine building Computer and instruction documents
Metallurgy Literary translation

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