If you plan to organize conference, symposium and any meeting required oral translation, we have possibility:
  1. To help you to choose oral translation method appointed in meeting that you organized and kept in the frame of your budget;
  2. To organize jointly the best oral translator group equipped with translators trained in Azerbaijan and in foreign countries according to your requirements related to character and subject of meeting;
  3. To oral translate correctly and properly;
  4. To contact with our written translation department and translators groups;
  5. We have skill, experience and possibility in giving you translated protocols of meeting in short period of time.

Translation is science and also an art. It is not to sort properly the words, it requires special meaningful term knowledge and the total aim of work. Translation language should contain required information as acceptable, efficient, a proper version from the idiomatic point of view. Our translators posses special talent and believe from linguistic skill point of view to provide proper and required translation service. But if there is two meaning in not translated word or in phrase we will connect with you for clarifying this case. Any misunderstanding is important case of meaning in some contexts as legal documents. We try to deliver properly containing context and meaning.

Formal documents, diplomas, court decisions and other documents are translated from English, German, French, Arabic, Russian, and Italian and Turkish language and from all main languages to Azerbaijan language by translators approved by notary office then that documents are certified by Notary Publics.

Correct translation is an important thing and it is translation that done by ideal translator into his native language.

If you plan to organize conference, symposium or any other kind of meeting which needs translation, we have the following practice and opportunities:
  1. We can help you with simultaneous interpeting at the meeting which your held in the frame of your budge
  2. To organize group of best simultaneous interepreters contained with interepreters studied in Azerbaijan and abroad according to your requirements about character and theme of the meeting.
  3. To organize accurate and correct simultaneous interpeting
  4. To establish relations with our a written translation and oral translation department and group of interpreters/translators
  5. To provide with equipments which is necessary for simultaneous interpeting
  6. We had skills, experience and opportunities to deliver translated protocols of customer in time
Guiding to travel in Baku and suburban travel If you travel to Baku specially or come to Baku for other purposes and if you need guide or translation service on tourism or other fields of Azerbaijan or to establish relations with inhabitants of Azerbaijan, we can organize best travel service to you. Followings are translations services rendered on main languages per day.
Our specialists are professional on the following languages:
English language, Spain language, Italian language, Hebrew language, German language, French language, Portuguese language and etc.
We may offer excursion to Baku city and guide-translator service to our customers.
  1. General excursion to Baku city (General information about Baku, waling in the city, Neft dashlari, Bibiheybat Mosque) – 3 hours, 100,0AZN
  2. Icheri Sheher, Maiden Tower, Shirvanshahlar palace, old carpets and other museums, Mosques, church, ancient Turkish baths and etc.- 4 hours, 100,0 AZN
  3. House museum named after Haji Zeynabaldin Taghiyev – 1.5 hours – 80.0 AZN
  4. Excursion to Temple of fire (Ateshgah) – 3 hours – 100.0 AZN
  5. Excursion to other places of interest in other regions of Azerbaijan
Notarial confirmation and legalization
“Az-Translation Centre” LLC helps confirmation and legalization of documents (translations, copies) by Notary Office, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic. “Az-Translation Centre” LLC renders service to you related to translation of available documents in foreign languages, filling applications, preparation of documents related to permanent living, education, work, family, marriage and other documents. Our experts have an ability to restore returned documents according to international standards.
Localization of documents
Localization of document is the same as accurate translation of document. Unlike “translation” term “localization” term means language and culture. Translation Centre has been acting since 1990 taking into consideration cultural changes in the translation. Our employees can translate your opinion correctly for auditorium and can take into consideration of different local aspects such as regional dialect, different cultural norms, different industrial standards, different weight and measurement system and different condition and legal systems. Localization is a good helper for fulfillment of contact purpose which represents preparation of your documents for available auditorium.
Functional approach to translation
We apply functional approach to translation in the Translation Centre: translated document should be used original of text of accepted culture. It means that if document is legal document it will be considered in the same form. If it is technical means target should be according to all weight and measurement units used in technique. We also translate all pages. You will get your document in the form of formatted all prints, colours, intervals, graphics, formats, titles, references according to original. There will be no need to go to anywhere to check words, sentences, appendixes or extracts between translation and original. We feel pride in submitting translation of title lists and you will get format of title list without any expenses if there are many translated documents in normal format. Translation Centre renders service for many businesses, schools, hospitals, health organizations and organizations rendering service to persons, legal companies, banks, art organizations and individuals. Customers include big transnational business and local small businesses and persons. We are global service centre rendering service in more than 30 languages. Most of our customers are in Baku, but we have many national and international customers.


“Az-Translation Centre” LLC assume privacy principles as a basis, helps rights of physical and legal persons. Our note about privacy reflects itself in all contracts concluded with customers. All translators / interpreters working in “Az-Translation Centre” LLC concluded contract related to privacy.
We observe privacy principles assuming ethical rules as a basis for preserving intellectual property and interests of customers.

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