Guiding to travel in Baku and suburban travel
If you travel to Baku specially or come to Baku for other purposes and if you need guide or translation service on tourism or other fields of Azerbaijan or to establish relations with inhabitants of Azerbaijan, we can organize best travel service to you. Followings are translations services rendered on main languages per day.

Location Language Travel guiding Hour Professional interpreter
Baku English 50,0 AZN 3 50,0 AZN
Baku French 50,0 AZN 3 60,0 AZN
Baku German 50,0 AZN 3 60,0 AZN
Baku Italian 50,0 AZN 3 60,0 AZN
We may offer excursion to Baku city and guide-translator service to our customers.
  1. General excursion to Baku city (General information about Baku, waling in the city, Neft dashlari, Bibiheybat Mosque) – 3 hours, 100,0AZN
  2. Icheri Sheher, Maiden Tower, Shirvanshahlar palace, old carpets and other museums, Mosques, church, ancient Turkish baths and etc.- 4 hours, 100,0 AZN
  3. House museum named after Haji Zeynabaldin Taghiyev – 1.5 hours – 80.0 AZN
  4. Excursion to Temple of fire (Ateshgah) – 3 hours – 100.0 AZN
  5. Excursion to other places of interest in other regions of Azerbaijan